A letter from who?

Posted by Big Universe on Jul 7, 2012 1:48:13 AM

Writing and reading go together in so many wonderful ways!

I came across another interesting way for children to connect reading and writing:

Think about a book you enjoyed reading, for school or on your own. Write a letter from one character to another. Then write a reply from the second character to the first. Stay true to the characters and the way they would speak and write, based on what you have learned about them in the novel. (from Walch Education Publishers)

Imagine all the possibilities! There could be letters written from a boy character to a girl character, letters from a zebra to a bird, letters from one historical figure to another, and even letters from one flower to a bumblebee!

You could use Big Universe Learning to complete this whole project!

Step 1. Pick a book from Big Universe Learning

Step 2. Read that book

Step 3. Choose 2 characters from that book

Step 4. Use the Writing Section of Big Universe Learning to compose a letter from one character to another (add some illustrations too if you want)

Step 5. Write a reply letter from the second character to the first characters using the Writing Section of Big Universe (with added illustrations)

Step 6. Publish and Share you work! (Make sure to mention what book you chose to read to inspire the letters)

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