Playing a Game with Literacy Benefits?

Posted by Big Universe on Jul 27, 2012 3:40:53 AM

I wonder how many spaces in this ReadO game you can cross off using things that can be found on Big Universe Learning?

Playing this game is a great way to involve parents and children together in literacy activities!

I think this activity, that I found on the Two Can Do It blog, can provide learning for parents and students. Learning together builds lot of special memories.

I wonder if some of the activities from this ReadO came could serve as useful tips for parents or even as homework for students.

The activities on this chart promote:

  • comprehension
  • making connections
  • various reading skills
  • vocabulary development
  • reading with expression
  • effective listening practice
  • storytelling
  • exploring different genres
  • prediction
  • retelling
  • writing

.... and so many other things!

Do you have any ideas about activities that could be added to this ReadO game? Could you create your own ReadO game based on what you know about your students that would provide a little more differentiation?

I wonder if we could even create a ReadO board that connects reading with technology using many of the free Web 2.0 tools out there?

Like I mentioned before, many (if not all) of these activities could be completed using things easily found right here on Big Universe Learning!



Topics: Writing, Literacy

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