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Posted by Big Universe on Sep 19, 2012 3:35:43 AM

I love hearing authors talk about their books, ideas, and inspirations.

Here is Peter H. Reynolds talking about and reading one of his books, The Dot, on Read TV which is a part of the Read Boston initiative:

(I know that this video may not be accessible since it is from facebook, but I enjoyed it so much that I just felt the need to share it.)

Creativity can come in so many forms. It is about just letting out the creativity that each of us have ... not trying to force it.

Did you hear in the video what happened to give him the idea for the book? It wasn't something he planned ... it was something that happened and he saw an opportunity!

How many times do we wait for stuff to happen while missing the opportunities that may occur in unexpected ways?

I think that one way for teachers and parents to get students engaged in reading is to allow them to make personal connections with the authors and illustrators of the books they read. Interviews and author read alouds are a great way to do just that!

Another wonderful place for students (or really anyone) to connect with an author is by exploring that author's website.

So I encourage you to find a book you enjoy on Big Universe and then start looking around to see if that author has a website or even a blog!

There is something different in reading words written about an author compared with reading words written by that author.

For example, the website of Peter H. Reynolds has a very welcoming and personal feeling to it. When I look at the "Meet Peter" page, it feels like he is talking directly to me. I love how he sees his site as a "work in progress" instead of a static web presence. He even mentions the importance of a teacher in his life ...

You also get to explore his art as well as books and projects where he gives advice:

Everyone is different, so let this be a source of inspiration, not a recipe or "how to" guide. Follow your own process, your own path... and let your stories flow!

I love what he says about Creative Thinking in the Ideas/Tips area: Creative thinking is the fuel for getting things going.

There is even a link to his blog!!!

Peter H. Reynolds shares such great ideas and insight. In many ways, exploring the site feels like jumping into his sketchbooks in the middle of a work session and looking around.

Go make some connections!

FableVision artwork on this website copyright by Peter H.

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