Boo! A Halloween Recipe for Reading Success

Posted by Big Universe on Oct 11, 2012 6:59:04 AM

To hear the kids talk, they don't want to read ... its not fun! they have too much school work ... you've heard it all, I'm sure. Yet we keep hoping that somehow, some way the kids will miraculously pick up a book and shout "I love to read, give me more." It can happen, we've seen it happen, all it takes is that just-right book.

So how do we get from A to "Yeah"? Let Halloween help!

In our house lives a 1o-year-old girl who has been thinking about all things Halloween since the Fourth of July. What should I be? Where are our scary masks? If its is ghastly or ghoulish, she's thought about it. Out loud.

This same 10-year-old girl says she loves to read, yet moans and groans (very loudly I might add) every time she is asked to pick up a book and get in her daily 20 minutes of reading. By mixing up a special Halloween brew I'm making some headway with our dilemma. Here's the recipe.

Book Brew Ingredients

2 silly ghost stories (picture book or illustrated chapter)
1 photo-illustrated nonfiction, such as Ripley's Believe it or Not Enter If You Dare! or National Geographic Ultimate Weird but True
1 - 3 How-to book related to a costume design interest, such as Extreme Face Painting: 50 Friendly & Fiendish Demos
1 - 2 books, articles, or magazines from your kids' favorite movie / musician / sports hero

Prep: Find a location in a high-traffic area and ensure that there is enough room to stack the Book Brew.

Book Brew Steps to Success

1. Visit your local library or bookstore, or check your own bookshelves to collect all ingredients.

2. With all ingredients now at hand, combine them into a pile in order of personal preference.

3. Carefully take the pile to your prepared location and spread them out haphazardly.

4. Finished.

There is nothing more to do but sit back and watch. Odds are pretty high that your reader will thumb through at least a couple of those books, particularly as we get closer to Halloween.

If you happen to get the questionwhat should I be for Halloween, you can always encourage them to check out your recipe!

Do you have a go-to book for Halloween that you love sharing with readers .... or has them begging for more? Do share!

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