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This past week end, my husband and I finally subscribed to Netflix. (Why has it taken us so long?) One of the first movies we downloaded was The Grey with Liam Neeson. It was a great movie set in the wilderness of Alaska where a plane of oil riggers crashes and seven men are left to fend for themselves against the cold, starvation and a ferocious pack of wolves. It was a great movie that got me re-interested in wolves.

It took me back to a field trip I took with my class and the other fourth grades to Wolf Hollow in Ispwich, Massachusetts. There we learned a lot about the behaviors and personalities of wolves. It was quite interesting to learn how wolf packs are like an old-fashioned, traditional family. Every wolf knows their place and every wolf helps out the family. If not, you are on your own.

In recent days, I've gone online here to Big Universe to see what books are available and, as usual, I am not disappointed. There is a great collection of age levels, topics and genres. Take a look:

Kids' Book Title: 1952

Family Pack - This picture book tells the story of a female wolf who wanders and finds a mate. Together they start their own family.

Kids' Book Title: 611

One Wolf Howls - This counting book of sorts takes you through the year with beautiful pictures of wolves' behaviors.
Kids' Book Title: 449
Wolf Camp - This funny book discusses wolf behaviors through a little girl who goes to camp and comes back acting strangely.
Kids' Book Title: 1935
Wolf Pack of the Winisk River - This chapter book is beautifully written in poetry telling the story of a lone wolf's search for a pack and journey of survival.
There are other options as well. The read aloud version of Boy Who Cried Wolf is a great addition to this collection as well as a rendition of Little Red Riding Hood, called Little Ruth Reddingford and the Wolf. For all the wolf titles, go to this link.
Wolves are fascinating animals from the real life behaviors of tight knit families to the portrayal in fables and fantasy, we are amazed by them and it shows in literature. It's no doubt then, that you can find this great collection right here at Big Universe.


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