Leo is a very busy guy ...

Posted by Big Universe on Feb 6, 2013 12:17:18 PM

Did you meet Leo?

meet leo

Leo is a very busy boy ...

There is Leo and the Triangles ...

There is Leo and the Lines ...

There is Leo and the Squares ...

There is Leo and the Cubes ...

There is Leo and the Spheres ...

There is even Leo and the Circles ...

Leo is a very busy guy!

What kind of job do you think Leo would like?

Who do you think he would like to work with?

What would he like to do?

Could you write a letter of recommendation for Leo suggesting him for a particular job that you think is suitable?

It might be a good idea to remember to use proper business letter format.

What else do you think you should include in your letter for Leo?

What are some qualities you know about him from his many books?

What things does he enjoy learning about?

What activities does he enjoy doing?

Why would he be a good match for that job?

You could use the Big Universe Writing tool to compose that letter for Leo.

I am glad you got a chance to meet Leo!



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