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ID-10019580Growing up, I couldn’t understand why my parents couldn’t figure out how to use the VHS or record a message on an answering machine. I always thought of myself as being tech savvy,...until I had children. Now, when I have a problem with my smart phone, I ask my son for help. Sometimes when he talks to me about his games and apps, I have to ask him to translate what he is saying into something I can wrap my head around.

The digital generation, our children, seem to be wired to understand every electronic gadget. As parents, we have the challenge and responsibility to stay ahead of the learning curve, to be aware of what our children are doing electronically, and even sneak in some learning time. I have just discovered some literacy apps, and they can help you to help your child in reading comprehension.

Reading Rockets, a national multimedia literacy initiative, put together slide presentation of the “Top 12 Comprehension Apps,” and they explain these apps cover “specific comprehension skills, including sequencing, differentiating between fact and opinion, developing word awareness (through antonyms, synonyms, and homophones), as well as several mind mapping apps.”

From free to under $10.00, they list the apps' appropriate grade level, which skills are reinforced, and device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) compatibility:

  1. Aesop's Quest
  2. MiniMod Fact or Opinion Lite
  3. MiniMod Reading For Details Lite
  4. The Opposites
  5. Opposite Ocean
  6. Popplet
  7. Professor Garfield Fact or Opinion
  8. Question Builder
  9. Same Meaning Magic
  10. Same Sound Spellbound
  11. SimpleMind
  12. Speech with Milo: Sequencing

Need more? From print awareness to phonics, even vocabulary to spelling and writing, dare your children to try out suggested additional apps and reward them with free choice screen time afterwards. Let us know which ones make both parent and child happy.

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