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Imagine rescuing a pup, not from the neighborhood but from a war-torn part of the Middle East. Or admire a basketball superstar who helps children who are struggling to survive poverty or poor health. Or learn about animals that don’t bite – they zap prey and talk to each using electricity. Bearport Publishing combines high-interest topics with fun facts and great photos to engage even the most reluctant reader to keep turning the page. All of the texts include additional facts, a glossary and index, and a bibliography and online sources for further reading, meeting teacher expectations.

Here’s an overview of a few of Bearport’s newest:


DwyaneWadeIn "Basketball Heroes Making a Difference" series, Dwyane Wade by Michael Sandler, any sports fan will be drawn in with the action of a play-by-play comeback win. Dwayne came from a broken family with a difficult childhood, but his father showed him how to love basketball. He found role models in his older sitter and teachers and was set on the path of success. This success enabled him to found a basketball camp in his hometown Chicago – free to youth. He also founded a charity, Wade’s World Foundation, where he gives back to the communities in which he lived and serves as a positive role model, even keeping a local library away from permanent closing. His foundation helps charities and the Miami Children’s Hospital.





ElectricAnimalsWhat child won’t think that animals that are electric aren’t cool? In the series, “Animals with Super Powers” Electric Animals by Natalie Lunis, readers discover that shockingly dangerous animals also can use their electric sense for communicating. From electric rays and catfish to many others, students will learn facts about these creatures in a fun and entertaining way, with fantastic underwater photos. Least students get scared of the potentially dangerous, Lunis takes care to relieve anxiety by highlighting why students need not fear – and even features a friendly-looking great white and mentions that the electric eel only kills in self-defense.






BaghdadPupsFrom the "Dog Heroes" series, Baghdad Pups by Meish Goldish tells of Edward Watson served in Iraq, found an adorable but hungry and flee-infested stray around Baghdad. Although keeping pets is against military rule, Charlie found a way into the soldiers’ hearts and even patrolled with the men in the streets. Working with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International, Charlie and Watson now live in Arizona. And Watson isn’t the only soldier befriended by a dog from a war zone. Two hundred former strays are now living in the US, and they have food, shelter and unconditional love. Readers will learn how other organizations work to help canines get placed with their soldiers at home. This is a must-read for animals lovers.




2742With Autism Awareness month approaching this April, Shih Tzu by Joyce Markovics, from the "Little Dogs Rock" series by Bearport Publishing, does double duty, providing how these service dogs are more than fluffy companions. Taking readers on a journey from how dogs specially trained to help children with autism, we see Georgie help Alex to move from being nonverbal to speaking in sentences and help soothe him to fall asleep. This miniature “lion dog” is a companion that does much more than cuddle, he was trained to alert Alex if the phone rang or if an alarm went off. The series provides the history of the breed and explains its physical characteristics, personality, and suitability as a pet – with captivating photography. The bridging of narrative with informational text are aligned with teacher and librarian implementation of the new standards of Common Core Standards.

Big Universe is proud to offer Bearport’s ebooks, a great resource for teachers and students. Bearport publishes high-interest topics for lower reading levels, ideal for reluctant and struggling readers. Bearport Publishing believes that books with good writing and amazing photos are irresistible to kids – and providing books kids want to read is one of the surest ways to foster reading achievement. These two principles guide the development of all Bearport curriculum-aligned nonfiction titles for children in grades PreK-8.

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