Can Read Alouds and Common Core Go Together?

Posted by Big Universe on Mar 13, 2013 1:59:04 PM

As a classroom teacher, one of my favorite times of the day was the time I spent doing a Read Aloud for my students.

We developed as a community of learners as we listened to the wonderful words that took us on amazing journeys of imagination.

We learned ways to express ideas and paint pictures with words.

We learned story structure and extended our vocabulary. We also summarized and paraphrased along the way paying attention to the difference in main ideas and details.

We asked questions to help us discover why the author composed the story in a certain way and why specific words were used. We talked about the characteristics we thought would make the character a good friend to have or someone to avoid.

As we returned to our seats, our thoughts went beyond the words presented in the story as we made predictions for the future or changes we would make if we were the author. We also pondered how stories and characters within the same book were connected as well as ways they were connected to other things we had read.

We used this time to not only develop as listeners, readers, and writers but also as thinkers ....

As I now look at the Common Core, I realize how many of these things I was already doing ...

As I look at the English Language Arts Standards for Reading:Literature , I notice how many of the things I did fit into the first 3 main areas:

  • Key Ideas and Details
  • Craft and Structure
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

Think about the things you already do that fit into these categories ...

Think about the ways the books you find on Big Universe can help you with these three categories ...

I think the stories on Big Universe are great for read alouds, modeling strategies, comparing characters, and many other skills ...



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