Graphic Organizers: Meet Tadd F.

Posted by Big Universe on Mar 24, 2013 8:00:19 PM

Graphic organizers are an excellent tool not only for visual learners who struggle with information that is presented in an entirely written form, but also to encourage new ways of thinking in typical students. This is especially the case in writing assignments, where some children are easily frustrated trying to come up with ideas that fit within a given topic. Graphic organizers remove a lot of the words involved in pre-writing and aid in the connection of ideas to text.

The Meet Tadd F. organizer focuses on having students slow down or "downshift" and add details into their writing. The acronym stands for Thoughts, Action, Description, Dialogue, and Feelings. By keeping a small sheet with this acronym at their desk or at home for use with homework assignments, a student can remember not only to add information, but to go back and revise their work.



T = Thoughts

What are you thinking? Or, what is your character thinking?

A = Action
What's happening in your story? What is the main point?
D = Description
What are you seeing, hearing, feeling, and/or smelling? This requires 2-3 sentences to fully describe the scene.

D = Dialogue
Say something, have a character say something, or have a conversation between characters.

F = Feelings
What are you feeling, or what is your character feeling?


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