Financial Literacy Month ?!?!!

Posted by Big Universe on Apr 20, 2013 12:28:12 PM

thetalk_trains_personal_financeGenerally when people discuss literacy, they think of reading and writing, which are two things supported and encouraged by Big Universe Learning.

There are different types of literacy too.

Did you know April is financial literacy month?

Financial Literacy Month … ????

What is financial literacy?

Why does it have its own month?

Financial Literacy is the ability of one to make appropriate decisions in managing his or her personal finances.

Does that mean counting money?

Does that mean making and sticking to a budget?

Does that mean being able to compare prices?

Does that mean just making smart decisions when it comes to money?

It means that and so much more!

Financial literacy is an important life skill.

Sharing personal finance lessons with students will prepare them to be financially responsible adults.

The Financial Educators Council is just one of many places providing resources and helpful tips.

They are resources, ideas, and lessons for kids, teenagers, and adults. They also have some interesting PSA posters (that is where the one with this post came from).

Big Universe has some books from Marshall Cavendish Benchmark Books about money. The nonfiction books from this publisher are known to be visually appealing and authoritative. They strive to meet the needs of readers from kindergarten through high school.

Here are a few of the money-related books:

Thinkfinity also offers many finance-related lessons and interactive games.

Here are a few of their resources:

Big Banks, Piggy Banks

EconEdLink | Lesson Plan | K-5
Understanding the basics of savings and savings institutions.

Exploring Cost and Savings Using Children’s Literature

ReadWriteThink | Lesson Plan | 3-5
Students make sense of dollars and cents when they study the importance of saving and budgeting in this lesson.

The Cost of Being Late

Illuminations | Lesson Plan | 6-8
Learning how to calculate the impact of an outstanding balance and interest rates.

Buying vs. Renting

EconEdLink | Lesson Plan | 9-12
Learn about the basics of buying a home versus renting.

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