Drawing Pictures to Help with Writing?

Posted by Big Universe on Apr 26, 2013 3:42:08 AM


Do your students like to watch cartoons or animated movies?

Do they like to read comic books?

Have you student tried reading a graphic novel?

(There is a whole category full of graphic novels in Big Universe Learning)

Do you have students who like to draw?

Do you have students who doodle on papers, desks, books ....?

Using those interests may be a way to engage those students in learning!

Even the reluctant readers ...

Even the struggling readers ....

There are so many visual clues t,hat can be used to help determine the words and the story ...

I heard a teacher talking the other day about something interesting that was happening in her classroom.

She is a fan of Wonder Woman comics and her students know that.

Whenever students have time, either at school or not, many of them find ways to find things related to Wonder Woman or other comic strips they enjoy. The teacher was even showing comics students had created in their own time.

In these comics, we found fully-developed characters, settings, and plot lines.

And these creations were not from the students in her class who always exceeded ...

By using different forms of expression, students were using various parts of the brain to really demonstrate what they had learned .... and many times without even realizing it!

By taking the time to create the comic images and add details, students were able to really focus on the story they were trying to tell ...

Many found drawing a picture while thinking about or planning a story, writing a story became an easier mountain to climb ...


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