Summer Ideas for Struggling Readers

Posted by Big Universe on May 18, 2013 1:42:14 AM

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What about some ideas for students who may need some extra encouragement to keep reading over the summer?

BigUniverse Learning provides great books that could be used with many of these activities:

Summer Reading Activities for Struggling Readers (from Imagine Learning)

  • See a movie that’s based on a book. Then, read the book together.
  • Encourage your child to read for fun by reading entertaining books, newspapers, and magazine articles together.
  • Have your child read the recipe as you make something fun, like a favorite family dish.
  • Read stories out loud, either to your child or with your child.
  • Encourage your child to explore new interests by signing up for a sports team, summer camp, or even a fun summer class.
  • Then, find books and magazine articles about his or her new interests and read them together.
  • Have older children read out loud to their younger siblings.
  • Make reading together enjoyable by focusing on the meaning of what you read rather than focusing on reading accuracy.
  • Talk to your child about things he or she has read in school or at home.
  • Play board games that involve reading, and include siblings and friends whenever you can.
  • Ask your child’s teacher to recommend books.
  • Have your child watch reading-focused television programs on PBS.
  • Make reading a family event by having 15-30 minutes of family reading time every day.

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