Read It Again?!?!?!

Posted by Big Universe on May 31, 2013 1:15:55 AM

medium_1435420692"When I read it again, I know the words better."

Those are the words I heard from my daughter the other night at bedtime after she read to me.

And those words made my heart smile!

My little one reads the stories again and again right now at her own choosing ...

But what she doesn't know is that Repeated Reading is an intervention strategy to increase fluency, confidence, comprehension, and word recognition.

Having used the Repeated Reading strategy as a teacher with struggling readers and now seeing my own daughter embrace this practice, I know that this practice does help even though I doubted it some in the beginning.

At the beginning of my teaching career, I remember sharing with students how it is always good to read something you have read before since you will get more out of it the second or third time and may even notice something you missed before.

I guess my comment was reflective of the reading enjoyment benefits of repeated reading.

The more I paid attention, the more I realized that readers, especially ones just starting out and ones that struggle, approach a story the first time using the lens of word recognition and practicing decoding skills. Many times those readers have to focus so much on picking apart the words that they tend to miss the meaning/flow of the story.

It is when they go back to the same story with new confidence that the words flow somewhat easier and the story becomes the focus ...

There are lots of great stories on Big Universe that would be great for reading again and again!


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