The Summer Reading List Includes Nonfiction

Posted by Big Universe on Jul 23, 2013 8:00:10 PM


Gone are the days when nonfiction was as dry an reading an encyclopedia passage. Nonfiction now includes hands-on activities such as experiments, where children can test book knowledge against real life experiences.

In How to Get Kids Hooked on Nonfiction Books This Summer, Holly Korbey introduces us to Vicki Cobb founder and president of Ink Think Tank, LLC, a company dedicated to bringing Common Core-aligned nonfiction literature into the classroom. With more than 85 nonfiction books penned, Cobb maintains that nonfiction isn’t simply “passive reading” – especially when it comes to science-based nonfiction, with experiments and “give procedures for open-ended discovery, that the thinking child can continue the quest afterwards.”

Her website includes a We Dare You section, where children dare to do experiments that are provided in her book, such as make a square egg. And she is looking for more willing school-aged scientists who are eager to set up an experiment and have it videotaped. That sounds like a great rainy day activity.

If going to a bookstore or library isn't on your to-do list, there are plenty of nonfiction books at your fingertips. Big Universe offers an advanced search tool where you can choose an academic subject or more focused category (astronomy and space; science and technology; or even nature) or and genre (fiction, nonfiction, even read aloud). And getting the whole family involved in after-reading activities will create more summer fun.

Here's some hands-on nonfiction that will get everyone involved in making nonfiction exciting:

I Can Prove It! Investigating Science by Kelli Hicks

Analyze This: Testing Ingredients by Kelli Hicks


Skeletons and Exoskeletons by Julie K. Lundgren


Pioneering Ecologists by Debra J. Housel



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