Tips For Homeschoolers

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Tips For Homeschooling

Wondering Where to Get Started with Homeschooling?

Back-to-school tips from Big Universe.

Use These Helpful Tips

Know the Standards for the Student’s Grade Level

Planning ahead is essential in homeschooling. When homeschooling students, is is necessary to know the standards for the student’s current grade level. The Common Common State Standards for grades K-12 can be found online. Visit for more information.

The Common Core State Standards provide a guide that informs parents and educators of what students are expected to learn for each grade level.

In addition to the Common Core State Standards, each state in the United States has developed educational standards for every grade level. Parents should check the state standards specific to their state. Students should have mastery of the standards in their current grade level by the end of the academic year.

Use Technology to Enhance Learning

Technology can be very advantageous in homeschooling. Using technology students can:

  • Read books from their computers and mobile devices
  • Read online books
  • Look words up in online dictionaries
  • Practice math facts using self correcting timed math drills
  • Use word processing programs to type and publish their work
  • Utilize writing programs to create and publish their own books

Big Universe Learning offers thousands of online books for students to read. The site also has read aloud books for beginning readers. In addition, students are able to write their own books and publish them. Students may choose to make their books public for others to read. Students from all across the world can share books they have created with each other using this website.

Visit for more information.

Create an Action Plan

Planning ahead and setting educational goals helps to provide the best homeschooling program for children. Setting target goals is important in establishing a successful homeschooling program. Use the state standards and the Common Core State Standards to assist in planning target educational goals.


Make a Weekly Schedule

Teaching students to create and follow a weekly schedule provides multiple benefits. Creating a weekly schedule helps students to:

  • Create a plan and to stick to it
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Organize and manage time
  • Get more work done. Students accomplish more when things are well planned and clearly outlined.

Create an Annual Outline of Expected Goals and Outcomes

It is helpful to create an academic calendar of expected goals and outcomes for the year prior to the start of the school year. Parents can buy a large wall calendar in August when many of the stores have back-to-school sales.

Using a large calendar that shows all of the months, families can chart the projects they intend to create, and the skills they intend to learn. This helps children to learn the months of the year, and teaches them to plan ahead.

Integrate Academic Subjects

Integrating academic subjects sparks students interest and enthusiasm in learning. It also helps in maximizing instructional time. Integrating music and/or art into standards based instructional lessons helps retain the information they are learning.

Social Studies/History

Teaching students to read using social science texts provides students with an opportunity to learn important historical concepts while reading expository text. Older students can sings songs to help them memorize the names of the presidents, or to help them memorize the states and their capitals. Integrating art and social studies helps students to create a visual picture of what they are learning. Students can create maps and landforms to help them learn geography, and new vocabulary words.


Using music and songs to teach important math skills actively involves students in learning. The students can sing songs that teach them how to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s. Songs about multiplication helps students to memorize their multiplication facts.

Families can take advantage of the perks of homeschooling by utilizing math skills in the kitchen. Students can use measuring tools to help parents cook. Using recipes, parents can teach students to use their math skills double the recipe. Students can calculate the cost of the family dinner by adding up the price of all of the ingredients.

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