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Wondering What to Write About?

Tips and Ideas for Writing

To help students flourish at writing, it is necessary to teach students about writing. Educators and parents can use these simple tips and ideas to help students become successful writers.

Emphasize the Importance and Purpose of Writing

Writing is a form of communication. Good writing skills are needed in the world today. Encourage children to look around. Writing is everywhere. Writings is on billboards, cups at Starbucks and menus at McDonalds. Adults text message each other using their writing skills. Students should be reminded about the importance of writing.

Find a Place to Write

People can write anywhere. Research has shown that a quiet environment is best for writing, but a quiet environment is not necessary. People can write anytime and anywhere. Students can write while waiting for their dance or sports practice to start. Children can write in the car when going on a long trip. Adults and teenagers frequently write at coffee shops, at their jobs, and in their homes. People write everywhere!

Start Writing

Put your ideas down on paper. The writing does not have to be perfect. The best writers in American history have given some great advice to all writers. Put your ideas down on paper when the ideas come to you. Don’t wait!

Writing is a Process

For formal writing pieces and work writer’s intend to publish, utilizing the writing process helps to develop a well written writing piece.

  • Prewriting

Think...Use a graphic organizer, a picture, or create a simple map to organize your ideas

  • Drafting

Write your ideas down. Don't wait. The draft does not have to be perfect.

  • Revising

Reread your work and redo it to create a better writing piece.

  • Editing

Proofread your work.

  • Publishing

Share the finished project.

It is not necessary to use the writing process in every writing piece. Some writing is on demand writing. The writer writes for a purpose and does not usually visit the writing piece again. Other writing is instant writing. People instantly respond to text messages and email.

Make a List of Writing Ideas

Keeping a running list of writing ideas ensures that the writer will never run out of ideas.

Keep a List:

  1. On a piece of paper
  2. In a notebook
  3. On a cell phone, i-pad or electronic device
  4. On a small notebook that fits in one’s pocket or bag
  5. On the refrigerator

Collect Writing Ideas

Collecting items that inspire writing and placing them in box, bag, folder or treasure chest, helps to actively involve students in the writing process and get students excited about writing.

Here are some ideas to help students create a Writer's Box. The following items can be collected and stored in a Writer's Box:

  • Magazine pictures
  • Brochures
  • Pictures
  • Postcards
  • Flyers from events
  • Registration papers
  • Elements for nature (small rocks, feathers, etc)
  • Catalogs
  • Newspaper articles
  • Ads
  • Business cards
  • Quotes


Use Technology to Make Writing Exciting

Children are interested in technology. Technology excites the young learner. Computer assisted writing programs help children to create and publish writing projects. Students can even share their writing pieces with students in another part of the world. Big Universe Learning offers a writing program that helps students to create writing pieces. Students publish their writing and put it on a bookshelf for others to see. People can even write comments about the work that the students have written. Children enjoy when others respond to their writing. It reinforces the importance of writing. Students love to see their published work! It inspires them to write even more. Visit www.biguniverse.com for more information.

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