Celebrating Christmas With Literature

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2604The Best Thing About Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time of the year for children. Parents and guardians can help children to foster a love of reading by reading a holiday literature book each day during the month of December. Christmas themed literature books help generate excitement about the holidays. Children can learn holiday related vocabulary and critical reading and comprehension skills by reading books.


Christmas Themed Literature Books

Up on the Housetop

by Kim Mitzo Thompson (author), Wendy Edelson (illustrator)

Children experience the joy and magic of the season with this festive holiday book! The classic Christmas song becomes a favorite children’s story!


Use a Calendar to Countdown The Days Until Christmas

Children can countdown to Christmas by marking the days on a calendar. They can also write down the title of each holiday book they have read during the month of December. This is a great way to incorporate both language arts and math skills. Families can even create their own book...Countdown to Christmas.


Read Online Books

Big Universe Learning offers a large variety of holiday books. Families can easily access several holiday related titles to read with their children. http://biguniverse.com

Children can read about holidays all around the world! Families can learn new recipes idea, children's craft ideas and how other cultures celebrate Christmas. This helps children to develop a multicultural perspective of Christmas.

Kids' Book Title: Holidays


by Dona Herweck Rice
ISBN: 9780743982290

A great way for your kids to learn about the variety and manner in which many holidays are celebrated around the world. This book has a reading level of 1.7 and a word count of 195.

Many other holiday titles are available. Children can read about:

  • The Christmas Eve Blizard
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Jolly Old St. Nicholas
  • Down the Chimney
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas
  • Three Kings
  • Holidays
  • Santa's Coming

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Write Summaries of Christmas Stories

Children are thrilled to learn Santa is coming! Make good use of this enthusiasm by having children read a variety of holiday books. Children can read a Christmas story and then write a descriptive summary of it. They can also draw pictures of the story. Families can frame the written work and keep it for decades!

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Document Holiday Memories


Christmas Joy

by Kim Mitzo Thompson (author), Jackie Binder (illustrator)

Baby’s First Books are perfect learning tools for your little one!

Families can document Christmas memories by making crafts, creating holiday cards together and filling their Christmas with joyful memories. Parents can help children gain beneifical literacy literacy skills by making reading holiday literature a tradition in their family.

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