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Using Literature to Teach Children About Real Life Heroes


Everyone needs inspiration. Teaching children about positive roles models helps them to understand the attributes of successful people. Children enjoy learning about real life people and brave people in their own communities. When teaching children about heroes it is helpful to share the dictionary definition with them so they can decide if they are reading about a hero.

A hero is:

  • a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities
  • a person who is greatly admired
  • one who shows great courage

Courage breeds courage. Bravery fuels bravery. In order to raise children to be brave and courageous, it is important teach them about people that have shown bravery and courage. Books offer a world of information to children about heroes all around the world. Students can read about greatly admired people that are know for showing great courage.

Parents and educators can read stories about real life heroes and discuss them. Students can be encouraged to reread the text closely and make a list of characteristics of people that have become heroes. Students can create research projects about a great hero, too. Classrooms can even have a "hero day", where they invite real life heroes into their classrooms. Students can prepare interview questions in advance and interview the heroes. They can share their responses in the classroom or school newsletter.


Recommended Reads About Real Life Heroes

Big Universe Learning offers a large variety of books about real life heroes. Schools and families can easily access several online books to read with children. http://biguniverse.com

Firefighters Then and Now

Kids' Book Title: Firefighters Then and Now

by Melissa A. Settle

Firefighters are community heroes and their job is to help wherever there is trouble. Firefighters must be well trained, wear protective uniforms, and ride on trucks that are equipped to fight fires. Firefighters and the equipment they use today have changed significantly over the years.


Police Officers to the Rescue

Kids' Book Title: Police Officers to the Rescue

by Nancy White (author) © 2012
ISBN: 9781617723247 AR:

Meet the brave heroes who have dedicated their careers to keeping their communities safe. In this gripping new book, children will meet the police officers who are first on the scene when people need help the most. These brave men and women never know what kind of emergency they’ll be called to next, but they have the chance to be heroes every day. Young readers will learn how these courageous workers use their quick thinking and expert emergency skills to come to the aid of people at a moment’s notice. In addition, they will go behind the scenes to learn how police officers train for their job so that they are always ready to spring into action to help protect and save the lives of others. Large, full-color photos and dramatic real-life stories will keep kids turning the pages to learn more.

Antonia Novello: Fantastic Physician

Kids' Book Title: Antonia Novello: Fantastic Physician

by Jill C. Wheeler (author) © 2013
ISBN: 9781614802709 AR: /

In this title, examine the life of dedicated children’s doctor and public health servant Antonia Novello. Readers will enjoy digging into Novello’s personal story, beginning with her childhood in Puerto Rico where she found inspiration in her own childhood illness to become a doctor. Students can trace Novello’s success from her education at the University of Puerto Rico Medical School to her work with the National Institutes of Health, her tenure as US Surgeon General, and her service as commissioner of the New York State Department of Health. Engaging text and photos offer insight on health concerns relating to children, women, ethnic groups, and poor communities. While a timeline, glossary, and index supplement the text, an entertaining science activity allows readers their own hands-on experience based on the science that inspired this woman’s groundbreaking career. Checkerboard Library is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

United States Air Force

Kids' Book Title: United States Air Force

by Jack David
ISBN: 9781600141614 AR: / / /

Flying the latest military aircraft and patrolling the air are just part of the job of the United States Air Force. Learn about the technology behind the aircraft and the men and women who operate them.

Navy SEALs

Kids' Book Title: Navy SEALs

by Jack David © 2009
ISBN: 9781600142659 AR: / / /

The elite special force of the United States Navy, SEALs are trained to carry out operations both on land and at sea. Students will learn about the tools used on missions, as well as the history of the SEALs and how they operate today.

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