Celebrating National Letter Writing Month

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Bring out the paper, pencils, envelopes, and stamps because April marks National Letter Writing month! The art of letter writing is certainly fading, but teaching students the power of written word is still a vital part of our role as teachers. Dedicate a time to discuss with students some of the powerful writers in history and have them practice letter writing on their own. Students can write a letter to an especially influential teacher, a foreign pen pal, or even their best friend in another class. The possibilities for letters are endless!

E-Books to Celebrate National Letter Writing Month in Grades K-2

The Summer of the Marco PoloMarcoPolo
by Lynn Manuel (author), Kasia Charko (illustrator) © 2007
ISBN: 9781551438870 AR: / Quiz 123821

In the summer of 1883 a famous clipper ship ran aground off the coast of Prince Edward Island near the home of a young girl named Lucy Maud Montgomery. Lucy Maud, who became one of Canada’s most beloved writers, wrote about the grand adventure in her journals and reflected on it years later in her notebooks. The town of Cavendish was transformed by the presence of the crew, and the ship’s captain stayed with Lucy Maud and her strait-laced grandparents. Lynn Manuel has taken Lucy Maud’s memories and shaped them into a story that will transfix and enchant readers.

Writers Then and NowWritersThen&Now
by Kathleen C. Null Petersen

Throughout history, people have recorded ideas and important events in their lives and communities. Methods of writing have changed greatly over the years. Today, computers make a writer’s job much easier and enable people to write and publish more material than ever before.

E-Books to Celebrate National Letter Writing Month in Grades 3-6

Early America: Abigail AdamsAbigailAdams
by Jill K. Mulhall

Abigail lived during times which were much more difficult for women than today. Despite this fact, Abigail Adams traveled, believed in women’s rights, and experienced the American Revolution. A devoted wife, mother, and American patriot, Abigail influenced history by helping her husband, John, make important decisions.


Thomas JeffersonTJ
by Heidi M.D. Elston (author) © 2009
ISBN: 9781617851124 AR: / Points 1.0

The United States president preserves, protects, and defends the U.S. Constitution. Each president’s term influences events in America and around the world for years to come. This biography introduces young readers to the life of Thomas Jefferson, beginning with his childhood in Shadwell, Virginia. Information about Jefferson’s education at the College of William and Mary and his early career as a lawyer is discussed. In addition, his family and personal life, as well as his retirement years at Monticello spent founding the University of Virginia are highlighted. Easy-to-read text details Jefferson’s political career as a Virginia legislator, a delegate to the Second Continental Congress, the chief author of the Declaration of Independence, governor of Virginia, minister to France, the first U.S. secretary of state, and vice president. Finally, students will explore key events from Democratic-Republican president Jefferson’s administration, including the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Beautiful graphics showcase the primary source documents and photographs. A timeline, fast facts, and sidebars help put essential information at students’ fingertips. In addition, a quick-reference chart provides easy access to facts about every U.S. president. Checkerboard Library is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

Phillis WheatleyPhillisWheatley1
by Sneed B. Collard Iii (author) © 2010
ISBN: 9780761445036

It’s not easy to find biographies that truly appeal to very young readers. Perhaps it’s because they take a special talent to write! What’s needed is an author who can distill a lot of complicated facts into clear, simple concepts, add a touch of warmth and humor, and create a story that a little kid won’t want to put down. Add to the mix some lovely child-friendly art set in a framework of pastels and that’s Benchmark’s American Heroes. These charming titles, all carefully researched and well documented, will fire the imaginations of young readers and help set them on a lifelong path to learning.

Early America: Phillis WheatleyPhillisWheatley2
by Emily R. Smith

Phillis Wheatley was the first black person in America to have a book published, opening the door for other black writers and female authors. She was kidnapped and brought to the colonies as a child and served as a slave to a family in Boston. Phillis learned to read and write at a young age.

National Letter Writing Month in the Classroom

How will you discuss written correspondence in your classroom? What strategies do you have? We'd love to hear more!

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