Super Summer Vacations

Posted by Kristy Beaudry McCain on Jun 15, 2014 1:51:43 PM

Setting Up Students For Academic Success

Summer Vacation and Advancing Children's Studies


Summer vacation is the prime time for fun, sun and a ton of reading! Vacation allows kids and families cherished free time. The much needed R and R, rest and relaxation, is a great opportunity to expand children's minds. Kids can be found actively playing, reading, and joyously creating art. They can also develop their writing and photography skills by documenting summer memories in journals with photos. Parents and guardians can take advantage of the long recess by motivating toddlers, preschoolers, elementary-aged scholars and adolescents to read for enjoyment.

Tips For Building Lifelong Readers

  • Let youngsters choose the types of books they want to read. Let them pick. Giving kids the freedom to choose excites them. Then they will read, read, read!
  • Visit beautiful places with novels and literature (coffee shops with books, missions, museums, etc.)
  • Take family field trips to libraries in other cities. Children can explore new books and learn geography. Families can even plot their destinations on a map.
  • Peruse books a garage sales and find cheap reads
  • Join summer reading clubs at local bookstores and earn free books, rewards, and even awards!

Recommended Reads

Find these delightful and engaging texts that teach children about the value of reading during their summer holiday at

What I Did on My Summer Vacationthumb-1

by Bruce Lansky (author), Stephen Carpenter (illustrator) © 2009
ISBN: 9781416970477

What I Did on My Summer Vacation is the first funny poetry book about summer vacation, with over forty sidesplitting poems covering everything from the much-anticipated last day of school to family road trips, wacky days at summer camp, learning how to swim, dizzying roller coaster rides at amusement parks, fun-filled days at the beach, and finally, the dreaded first day back to school. These hilarious poems, written by “The King of Giggle Poetry” and his all-star gang of Giggle Poets, are sure to make any kid count the days until summer vacation begins!

thumb-4 Lucky Lake Vacation

by Dennis E. Paul
ISBN: 1596390166

It can be difficult to find interesting materials for students who read below grade level, but these hilarious characters and goofy stories will get students reading!

The small amount of text per page and strong visual cues make these stories very reader-friendly. Phonetic skills get a real workout through the repeated use of words with special vowel and letter combinations.

thumb-2 Balloon Toons: It's Pooltime!

by Ethan Long (author) © 2012
ISBN: 9781609052010

Elephant, Alligator, and Stork share poolside hijinks as they mix up their towels, tussle over ice cream, and compare diving styles. Best-selling author/illustrator Ethan Long brings his energetic and engaging style to this delightful story of poolside fun and summertime friendship.

thumb-3 Summer

by Emily C. Dawson (author) © 2013
ISBN: 9781624960277 AR:

This photo-illustrated book for early readers describes how summer weather affects the actions of animals, the growth of plants, and the activities of people. Includes photo glossary and labeled diagram.

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