Enriching Kids Lives With Trips To Museums

Posted by Kristy Beaudry McCain on Jun 17, 2014 3:49:12 PM

Developing Young Historians

Use The Summer Months To Visit Museums

The summer is an excellent opportunity foster children's love of history. Family trips to museums are a novel way to spark kids love of learning about the past. Museums offer hands-on educational experiences for young historians. Observing artifacts and historical objects first-hand creates vivid learning experiences for all parties involved, even the parents! Several new vocabulary words can be acquired, in just one trip!

Adults can start by teaching students the definition of museum:

noun: museum; plural noun: museums
  1. a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.

Encourage Kids To Write Books About What They Learned

Supply children with markers, colored pencils, paint, construction paper, lined paper, scissors and glue. Another option is to let them use a digital camera at the museum to document their new findings. This generates enthusiasm about learning and develops photography skills. Parents can print the photos and youngsters can use them in their self created history books. Or, tech savvy youth can browse through the pictures on the camera, and recreate their own portraits. They can glue them in the history books.

Prior to going to the museum, this is an excellent literature selection to share with young scholars. Revisit and reread this book after visiting the exhibits.

thumb-2 I can write a book about history

by Bobbie Aloian (author) © 2012
ISBN: 9781427179968

This fascinating book shows children what to include in a book about history. Children are shown how to create a book about an event in history or about social history, such as life in a colonial city or a pioneer village. Suggestions for research include a visit to a nearby historic site, reading stories or watching television shows about children who lived during that time in history, and reading non-fiction books about the subject.

More Recommended Reads

Find these delightful and engaging texts that teach children about visiting museums in different cities www.biguniverse.com

thumb-1 How The Dinosaur Got To The Museum

by Jessie Hartland (author) © 2011
ISBN: 9781609050900

Dinosaurs roamed the earth for millions and millions of years. Museum visitors are awed by the massive creatures on display. But how did the fossils of a colossal diplodocus make the 145-million-year journey from the prehistoric plains of Utah to the Smithsonian Institution of today?

thumb How the Meteorite Got to the Museum

by Jessie Hartland (author) © 2013
ISBN: 9781609052522

This science-as-entertainment book chronicles how a meteorite ended up in the American Museum of Natural History, detailing the steps that brought it from outer space, across the eastern US, to the roof of a car in Peekskill, New York, and thereafter to be verified, tested, and exhibited in the hallowed halls of the AMNH. Hartland describes the space rock’s path by showing how it connected to people—e.g., fans at a football game noticed it, the police attributed its crash to vandals, firefighters cooled it off, etc.

thumb-6 Our Trip to the City

by Rann Roberts
ISBN: 9780743908627

The family in this book is going on a vacation. They drive in a car, ride on an escalator, take a ferry across the water, and more. They discover the many ways that addition is a part of daily life. They even use addition to count taxis and to compare the cost of riding the subway for the day and the week. Hop on the double-decker bus and join them on their adventure through the city. 32pp.


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