Teaching Kids About The Dentist And Taking Care Of Their Teeth

Posted by Kristy Beaudry McCain on Jul 22, 2014 4:23:28 PM

Getting Kids Excited About Teeth

Reading about the tooth fairy and studying dental health can be exciting for young children. Parents and educators can foster this enthusiasm and turn it into a lifelong positive habit of taking excellent care of their teeth.

thumb-2 The Tooth Fairy

by Anastasia Suen (author) © 2013
ISBN: 9781618104298

This fun little book talks about the experience of losing a tooth and the excitement of placing it under your pillow anticipating a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Dental Vocabulary

Introduce Kids To Academic Vocabulary

Try to practice the word at least five to seven times in the next few days with the child. This helps the brain to remember the word for the long term.

Practice Words By:

• Looking them up in the dictionary

• Finding examples of words in written text

• Using the word in conversation

• Finding the word in a newspaper or magazine. Cut it out and make a collage.

Make a wordbook and create a new page for each word. Each page should contain:

  • a word
  • the definition
  • an example of how the word is used in written text
  • a synonym for the word
  • a visual representation of the word ( a picture, symbol or graphic)

Dental Vocabulary

Anterior Teeth - the teeth in the front of your mouth.

Cavity - a tiny hole in the tooth caused by decay.

Denture - a removable set of artificial teeth.

Filling - a plug made of metal or composite material used to fill a tooth cavity.

Gums - the firm flesh that surrounds the roots of the teeth.

Posterior Teeth - the teeth in the back of the mouth.

Primary Teeth - also known as "baby teeth" or deciduous teeth.

Plaque - a sticky buildup of acids and bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Retainer - an appliance to stabilize teeth following orthodontic treatment.

Root - the portion of the tooth below your gum line.

Root Canal - cleaning out and filling the inside nerve of a tooth.

Scaling - removal of plaque, calculus, and stain from teeth.

Sealant - plastic coating applied to teeth to prevent decay. Used most commonly for children.

Secondary Teeth - the permanent teeth.


Teach Children To Take Care Of Their Teeth

Recommended Reads

A group of diverse children reading a book.

Readers have the opportunity to enjoy these titles that teach students kids about the value of their teeth! These expository texts can be used to introduce students to the dentist and the dentist's office. These texts offer a great opportunity to enrich student’s educational skills by introducing them to new academic content and vocabulary. Big Universe offers hundreds of titles in many different languages on thousands of topics. Find these informational and engaging texts that help learn about taking care of themselves at www.biguniverse.com

thumb Smile! A Trip to the Dentist

by Loren I. Charles
ISBN: 9781433304187

Join the children in this book on a trip to the dentist. Going to the dentist can be fun, especially if you use addition to help you find answers to questions like these: How many teeth do you have? How many times should you floss your teeth each week? Make your next trip to the dentist an adventure with addition. 32pp.

thumb Meet my neighbor, the dentist

by Marc Crabtree (author) © 2010
ISBN: 9780778791522 AR: / /

Smile! Meet David Meisels, the dentist! Peek behind the curtain of a busy dental office. David shows us how to clean our teeth and which tools he uses to keep them healthy and white. He will also introduce us to his daughters, Shiraz and Brit, and his wife, Hila.

thumb-2 Dentists

by Cari Meister (author) © 2014
ISBN: 9781624961595 AR:

In Dentists, early readers will learn how dentists keep our teeth healthy. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage emergent readers as they discover what a dentist’s job is like.

A labeled diagram helps readers identify the tools in a dentist’s office, while a picture glossary reinforces new vocabulary. Children can learn more about dentists online using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. Dentists also features reading tips for teachers and parents, a table of contents, and an index.

Dentists is part of Jump!’s Community Helpers series.

Use Songs To Engage Students In Learning


thumb-1 Clean Teeth, Dirty Teeth

by Jo Cleland (author) © 2013
ISBN: 9781618103468

Sung to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat, this book teaches young readers about how eating, sleeping, and other things we do require us to brush and floss our teeth everyday. Also emphasizes how dental check ups are part of good oral hygiene.

Connecting To The Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards clearly outline what is expected of students at each grade level. The Common Core State Standards can be found at www.corestandards.org/

The recommended texts meet the CCSS for grade one.

Key Ideas and Details:

Ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
Identify the main topic and retell key details of a text.
Describe the connection between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information in a text.

Craft and Structure:

Ask and answer questions to help determine or clarify the meaning of words and phrases in a text.
Know and use various text features (e.g., headings, tables of contents, glossaries, electronic menus, icons) to locate key facts or information in a text.
Distinguish between information provided by pictures or other illustrations and information provided by the words in a text.




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