Back to School for Teachers

Posted by Teresa M. on Aug 18, 2014 7:10:30 AM

As a teacher, you may have spent this past summer learning new concepts and skills, attending classes, or possibly visiting places. Now, it is time to start heading back to school! Now breathe..... Big Universe is here to support you! Below are some great ways to help you transition back into the classroom after the summer break.

First, Big Universe has Lesson Plans available to help you through out the school year. With common core and the push for informational text literacy, lesson planning will be a snap. Don't forget to use the writing tab that has ready to use lesson plans. You can also visit Big Universe for reading, math, and science materials that aligned to state standards.

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Second, set up a literacy center. Simply use Big on a few internet ready devices. Review how to login and you are ready to go! You can assign books for the small groups to read or select read aloud titles for them to listen to.

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Next, select a few titles to share with your students on the opening day. There are great back to school texts that will help build relationships in the classroom. Simply use your computer and projector for better viewing!

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Lastly, continue your Professional Development. There are videos available for you to use or you can schedule your own session. This a great way to either review or learn new ways to use Big Universe.

You are now ready for your big day! You will do great!

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