Rules and Manners-Setting High Expectations for All

Posted by Teresa M. on Oct 2, 2014 6:00:30 AM

Rules and laws help to keep us safe. Classroom rules teach this concept in a smaller scale. Students begin to learn social expectations as well in the classroom as well. By setting clear expectations, you are creating a positive learning environment. Classroom expectations should also include the use of manners. Manners are one way to show respect for others. Saying please and thank you are ways to be polite. As students learn rules and manners they are become less egocentric and more respectful to those around them. Setting high expectations for all your learners, including the use of manners, creates an environment that is nurturing and will foster greater learning. Using the RTI model so all students receive instruction and behavioral intervention at their level. Introducing manners in your classroom can be done effectively with these resources. There are several read a louds that can be used to reinforce the concept of rules and expectations for your classroom.

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Manners, please! Why It Pays to be Polite

by John Burstein (author) © 2010
ISBN: 9781427195333"Slim Goodbody helps children understand the value of manners and the essentials of behaving well in school, at home, and with friends. Manners make a difference in all aspects of a persons life. The way you present yourself often determines how others see you."
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Squid and Pickles

by Jeff Dinardo (author), John Abbott Nez (illustrator) © 2010

"Helen and Ethan have a big surprise planned for Roy. Will he learn that manners matter? Character concept: Respect: Use good manners."

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I Can Follow the Rules

by Molly Smith (author), Julia Patton (illustrator) © 2014
ISBN: 9781478804734

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If Kids Ruled the School

by Bruce Lansky (author), Stephen Carpenter (illustrator) © 2004
SBN: 9780689032738

"This is one of the most popular collections of funny poetry for kids ever published. It’s a classic, because it’s the first collection of poems selected by kids! It includes clever creations from some of the most popular names in children’s poetry, including Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, Judith Viorst, Bruce Lansky, and Jeff Moss. Humorous illustrations by Stephen Carpenter make this book even better."

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Don't Be a Cheater

by Matthew Hill, Anita Collins, Lisa Workman (authors), Chris Lewis, Shoua Vang (illustrator)
© 2012
ISBN: 1933101709The Peddlesfoots know that it’s only fair to play by the rules and not cheat…but one tough day, Scuff learns that there are opportunities to cheat EVERYWHERE. Can he stay strong and do what’s right by not cheating and always playing by the rules?

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