Science Experiments in the Classroom

Posted by Teresa M. on Jan 5, 2015 1:58:02 PM

Science is a great way to encourage problem solving strategies.

Students can learn and understand difficult subjects and apply their finds to real life situations. Through hands on activities, your students will be engage in learning the scientific process. Students who have a solid foundation of the scientific method are better prepared for real world situations. These valuable resources will enhance science curriculum as they have easy to use science experiment steps included. Your students will be engaged and develop higher level thinking skills as you provide hands on learning time.

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What's the Problem? How to Start Your Scientific Investigation

by Kylie Burns (author) © 2011 ISBN: 9780778798040
From the publisher: Science engages a curious mind. Questions can come from practically anywhere. Readers will learn why scientists ask questions and how to develop meaningful questions to help guide their scientific experiments.
Try this easy to use series that includes easy to incorporate lesson plan for science experiments, like the one below.
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What's the Plan? Designing Your Experiment

by Natalie Hyde (author) © 2010 ISBN: 9780778798033

"It is essential that scientists design a plan to ensure their experiments are conducted accurately and safely. Readers will learn how to gather materials, and create a step-by-step procedure to test their hypothesis. Readers will become familiar with controls and variables in a scientific setting."


This series also includes step by step process for your students.

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With resources like these, you will be well prepared to use science experiments in your classroom. Your students will understand the scientific process and can adapt this learning to other aspects of their education.

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