Engaging The Brain

Posted by Kristy Beaudry McCain on Jan 6, 2015 8:30:09 AM

Teaching Kids About The Brain

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Schools, educators and parents can teach students using researched and proven instructional techniques that engage the brain. Students can also learn about the brain, its importance and ways to protect it.

Brain-based education or brain-based teaching are used in reference to instructional techniques that are grounded in the neuroscience of learning.

Teachers Can Get Kids Excited About Brain Based Learning


Taken From The Online Book Inside The Brain

Educators can incorporate hands-on learning into their lessons. Students can study the brain and create a model of the brain. Use these handy tips and instructions below.

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by M.D. Halvorson (author) © 2013
ISBN: 9781614809753 AR: /

Find out what goes on every day inside of the human body! This title offers children an exciting voyage through the brain. Detailed illustrations, color photos, and simple text combine to make a fun and easy introduction to how the brain works. This book also includes simple activities and crafts like Reaction Action, Thinking Cap and how to make a Brain with how-to photos to further engage young learners. Super SandCastle is an imprint of ABDOPublishing Company.


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Books And Guides To Assist With Brain Based Instruction

Educators and parents can utilize multiple titles to plan and implement academically rigorous lessons. Big Universe offers teacher’s guides, educational resource books and student reading books on thousands of topics. Find these informational and useful texts at www.biguniverse.com

thumb-2El cerebro (The Brain)

by Ben Williams
ISBN: 9780743992512

Explore the brain and what it does for the human body including how it works to control body functions and its connection to the nervous system. Book includes vocabulary related to the brain and brain function.

thumbMy Brain

by Rena Korb (author), Remy Simard (illustrator) © 2011
ISBN: 9781617874826 AR: /

My brain is amazing! Young readers will discover the size, shape, areas, and functions of the brain in this conversational, colorfully illustrated book. Sidebars, diagrams, and fun facts introduce helpful information about the workings of your own amazing machine. Looking Glass Library is an imprint of Magic Wagon, a division of ABDO Group. Grades PreK-4.

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