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Students come to your classroom from a variety of backgrounds and ethnic groups. Chances are you may have Non-English speaking students in your classroom. There is an increase in Dual Language Learners is some parts of the country. In Kindergarten alone, some schools have seen an increase of 50% in Dual Language Learners. The term Dual Language Learners was adopted by US Department of Education, more information can be found in this document.

This term is used to identify the growing population of students that come to school from homes that speak a primary language other than English. Most of these students are not fully fluent in English. With CCSS, Dual Language Learners struggle to meet these higher standards. Studies show that if Dual Language students who receive dual language support in their formative years (PK-3rd Grade), they have a higher chance of reading at a proficient level and future success.

The key is to find and provide materials that allows students to be successful in both languages. All students in primary grades should receive English Language Development skills. All students are capable of becoming bilingual in your classroom. Classroom Ideas include

  • Meet with parents
  • Read to students
  • Provide access to engaging reading material
  • Label common items this encourages a print rich environment
  • Filter by language in Big Universe

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Sample Resources Found Using Language Filter

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.21.45 AMArrugas, verrugas y colgajos (Wrinkles, Warts, and Wattles)

by Lynn M. Stone ISBN: 9781604727968
Young children learn about over and under through simple sentences and illustrated repetitive text.
Look for books that also contain additional information written in the other language.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.26.24 AMYou Are a Really Good Friend of Mine (Czech)

by Laura Liliom (author), Lilit Vagharshyan (illustrator) ISBN: 9781931854450

Her really good friend has moved far away to another country. What to do now? How can they stay friends without seeing each other? They learn that there is friendship in thinking about each other, in writing to each other, in remembering each others’ favorite things, but most of all: it is in the heart.

Jeji velmi dobra kamaradka se odstehovala do daleke zeme. Co ted? Jak udrzet pratelstvi, kdyz se vubec nevidi? Poznali, ze pratelstvi zustava, kdyz na sebe mysli, pisi si, pamatuji si sve oblibene veci a hlavne, kdyz jej maji v srdci.

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