Reading Tips To Encourage Young Adult Readers

Posted by Kristy Beaudry McCain on Jan 12, 2015 10:24:40 AM



Encouraging young adults to read can bring a lifetime of of academic and career success. People that develop the habit of reading at any early age will read more pages and acquire a multitude of vocabulary words. In addition, reading opens up a wealth of information to the young mind. Reading inspires creatively and sparks curiosity. Avid readers can use their time wisely and bring books with them everywhere.

In order to promote a culture of reading in young adults, educators and families can:

Use The Library As A Reading Resource

  • Educators and families can offer a wide variety of reading material to teens. The local library has thousands of engaging paperback and hardback books. In addition to this, they have books on tape and books for electronic devices. The library has a vast supply of magazines, both the traditional, paper version and the online type.
  • The library often has reading groups or book clubs for young adults. Parents can suggest that the teens attend the events. Inviting the kids friends to the events is a surefire way to generate interest!

Lets Young Adults Decide What They Want To Read

  • Kids know where their interests lye. Letting teens choose their own reading material incites the joy of reading. Teachers and parents can suggest titles, but the majority of reading material should be chosen by the teen.

Conversation Can Open The Doors To Reading

  • Discussion stimulates interest and investigation. Talking about world events, community news, advancements in technology, and other topics can spark the young adult's interest in reading about those things.

Show Young Adults That Reading Is Important

  • Read in front of young adults! When kids and teens see others reading, it reminds them that reading is fun, exciting and important.

Movies And Media Can Be Used As A Tool To Foster A Love Of Reading

  • The youth are fond of technology. Families might incorporate the read the book first, rule. Before seeing the latest movie, young adults can read the book, first.
  • Prior to purchasing a new video game or electronic device for teens, have them research and read the reviews. Then they can present the information to their families. This also teaches teens to be an informed consumer.

About The Author-A Personal Connection To A Young Adult Reader

The writer, Kristy, is mom to an 11-year-old avid reader who won't put books down! He scores nearly perfect on state exams and was identified as a Gifted and Talented Education student at a young age. These tips work! Reading a great number of books leads to academic success!

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