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Posted by Kristy Beaudry McCain on Apr 1, 2015 10:34:50 PM

Publishing and Making Work Public When Writing In School


Many writers consider publishing the best part of the writing process. When publishing creativity and originality are key. The content is presented best when it is packaged well, just like a shiny new present.

How To Present The Final Copy

  • Write or type it
  • Use your best handwriting or printing, if you write it
  • Write it on special paper (if possible)
  • Make a book
  • Include illustrations, pictures, photos, magazine cut-outs
  • Utilize technology for presentations, blogs, online publishing programs

Making Work Public

Sharing It With Others

Students can share their work with others and the community:

  • School offices can post students’ writing
  • Kids can enter writing contests (with parent/guardian permission)
  • Writers can create books that they can share with their families and friends
  • Students can send their written opinion to the local newspaper (with parent permission)
  • Students can send their reviews of the food at a restaurant to the restaurant owner (with parent/guardian permission)
  • Write letters to Politicians, Lawmakers, City Council, the Mayor (with parent/guardian permission)
  • Technology can make students’ work public (with parent/guardian permission)
  • Students can create books. Students can share their opinions, arguments and original artwork with others.

Students can write about anything! A great place to start is to have them write about what they are interested in.

Writing Ideas

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Some ideas for writing:

  • Favorites (games, places, animals)
  • Likes (food, theme parks, recipes, clothes, pets, video games)
  • Dislikes (a horrible day)
  • New (national, word, classroom, and family news)
  • History (in the making, events, places, traditions)
  • Reviews (books, movies, websites, food, restaurants, places)
  • Experiences (special days, birthdays, holidays)
  • People (friends, biographies, autobiographies)

Use Online Writing Programs To Publish Writing

Want student engagement and excitement? Utilize an online publishing program. Big Universe offers an award winning writing program that inspiring writers of all ages love!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 7.52.23 PMWant to create and publish books online?




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