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The Common Core State Standards require students to: Develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach. Explicitly teaching students the steps of the writing process builds better writers.

The Phases of The Writing Process

Brainstorm-Think about what you are going to write

Plan Ahead

Write your ideas down

  • On a web
  • In a list
  • On paper
  • Use graphic organizers to organize information
  • Draw pictures and use illustrations


  • Put your thoughts into sentences and write your first draft – your Sloppy Copy
  • The premise of drafting is to get ideas down, don’t worry about perfection
  • Just get the ideas down on paper
  • Don’t worry about errors, now is just the ideology creation
  • Research shows it is best to write in a quiet environment (classical music in the background is very calming)
  • It is sometimes helpful to skip lines in the drafting phase (later the writer can edit and revise using the empty lines)


Read your first draft and think about how to make it better

  • Avoid word redundancy (don’t use the same words over and over)
  • Make sure the writing makes sense
  • Check for a strong introduction
  • Is the writing in an order that that the reader can understand?

Do you need to:

Add a title?

Change some sentences?

Delete some words or sentences?

Add some details?

Change some words?

Add descriptive words, make the written work come alive!

Key Points About Revising and Editing

  • Rewriting is key during this part of the process. Let students know it is okay to change things. We are using this time to improve our written piece.
  • Revising and editing are not the same thing. Revise first, then edit. (Please see the information to follow about revising and editing)
  • It is helpful to use the proofreader’s mark when revising and editing.
  • Students benefit from having their own copy of the proofreader’s marks.
  • Educators should provide students with explicit instruction in editing and using the proofreader’s marks.


In the writing piece, check for and correct:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Subject/verb agreement
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Sentence fragments
  • Correct spacing

Professional writers edit their work prior to sending it to being published. Teaching kids how to edit their work prior to publishing it leads to academic success. In order to prepare students for college and career readiness, we must teach students how to edit their own work.

Big Universe has a detailed blog about publishing. Please visit Publishing Ideas.

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Resources From The Common Core State Standards

  • The Common Core State Standards explains the components of writing under the heading Writing. (grades K-5) (grades 6-12)






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