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Tips For Families and Educators

Writing is a powerful tool that we use for communication. Good writing skills are necessary to succeed in life. Each day people all over the world use writing to communicate. Letters, emails, text messages, work documents, manuals and books all contain writing.

People of all ages struggle with writing. Educators and families can used researched based strategies to instruct the writing process. Studies have shown that students benefit from direct and explicit writing instruction. Breaking writing into stages simplifies writing.

The stages of the writing process:

  • Brainstorm/Prewrite
  • Draft
  • Revise
  • Edit
  • Publish

The writing process can be explicitly, or clearly, taught to students of all ages.

Families Can Help Student Become Better Writers

  • Parents can teach children how to read environmental print. Young kids, even toddlers can learn how to read words in the environment such as Starbucks, toys and other words that they see daily.
  • Students quickly learn to write environmental print and words that are important to them.
  • Kids can write letter and thank you notes to family and friends.
  • Children can make invitations to parties and events.

Educators and families can introduce kids to writing through books:

  • Textbooks
  • Magazines
  • Diaries
  • Blogs
  • Manuals (for technology items like the I-pad)
  • Books
    • How to Write
    • How To Make A Card
    • Writers Then and Now
    • I Can Write About

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Tips For Engaging Writing

Good writers should include:

  • Information
  • Details, details, details
  • Descriptive words (adjectives, adverbs, others descriptions)
  • Elaboration
  • Transitions and transitional phrases
  • Thing to engage the reader
    • Humor
    • Personal experiences
    • Varied vocabulary (a variety of words)
    • The Wow Factor-anything to help reads create a vivid picture in the mind
    • Quotes
    • Analogies
    • Incorporate each of the five senses into the writing piece

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Technology Can Enhance Writing and Spark Student’s Interest

  • Let students use technology devices to create their stories
  • Use an online dictionary or thesaurus to help students become vocabulary masters
  • Utilize the illustrator tool to add colorful pictures and eye catching graphics
  • Print and save the work to enjoy in the future
  • Use social media to share the work with others

Technology Enhancement: Use Online Writing Programs To Publish Writing

Want student engagement and excitement? Utilize an online publishing program. Big Universe offers an award winning writing program that inspiring writers of all ages love!

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