Preparing Ahead-Successful Summer Learning Tips

Posted by Kristy Beaudry McCain on Apr 20, 2015 8:11:02 AM


Preparing For Summer Now Promotes Success

Schools and families can start planning for summer learning experiences in the spring. Children and teens can experience a variety of diverse learning experiences during the summer months.

Explore Summer School

Summer school offers an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and review others. College campuses often have interactive and engaging summer learning programs for students.

Sign-up For Summer Camps Now

Summer camps and events fill-up quickly! Families can start to explore summer enrichment opportunities to find the best fit for their child.

Use Interactive Books and Learning

An interactive notebook is a personalized, student-created textbook and study tool. It is an interactive, hands-on learning project that requires engagement and critical thinking. The interactive notebooks has many benefits.

  • Engages the learner
  • Provides scaffolding for the learner
  • Excellent for diverse leaners (EL, SEL, Special Education, etc.)
  • A resource for students, parents and teachers
  • A visual guide for learners
  • Excellent introduction and review of the Common Core State Standards
  • Reinforces academic skills

Families can help children and teens to create the notebooks in the summer.

Collect Summer Reading Titles

Starting a collection of books and magazines is a great way to get students exciting about reading. Store the reading materials in an old fashioned trunk or a beach bag.

Utilize Online Programs To Engage Students In Learning During the Summer

Youngsters and teens are tech savvy! Engage the brain by making an online learning a daily activity. Kids of all ages can read online books. They can document these books on the book logs, too! Thousands of online books are available on the Big Universe website. Children and teens can become math wizards by visiting the Khan Academy online math institute each day.

Plan To Visit Museums, Aquariums and Zoos

Want to get people of all ages interested in past events or science? Find out what they are currently interested in! What excites them? What are they passionate about? Do they like sports, the military, or are they interested in the American presidents? Are they interested in the history of fashion? Have them read books about that. Do they love the ocean? If so, they probably would be engaged and excited to visit a local museum or science exhibit.

Capitalize on people’s interests and start there. Gather brochures, books and information about that topic.

Get Students Excited About History By Having Them Publish Their Own Books

Set educational goals for children and teens. Let kids know that they will be creating their own online books. Students will love creating online books that they can share globally on the Big Universe website.

Read Online Books

nonfiction books

Students can reading colorful and engaging titles that can assist in learning the key standards and concepts. They can document new learning in their Summer Journals. These books offer a great opportunity to enrich student’s vocabulary and content knowledge. Big Universe offers thousands of titles in many different languages on a multitude of topics. Find texts in multiple genres as well as teacher resource guides on the Big Universe website.

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