End of Year Showcase-Independent Research Topics

Posted by Teresa M. on Jun 3, 2015 5:42:00 AM


As a librarian, I teach the importance of finding information. To get students excited about research, I have them select a research topic. With 500 students, this is a bit scary. However, they must follow my criteria when they select a topic.

1. You can't already know a lot about your topic. (If you used it last year, can't use it this year!) Not that I remember what they researched.

2. It has to be appropriate ( Understanding keywords and internet safety, somethings just won't get past the filter)

3. It has to be something real. (No aliens or unicorns)

I conclude, by saying what works well....

Famous people, places or things, animals, or sports. I then approve each topic and share with the entire class. This cuts down on the silly topics like chocolate chip cookies.

Each week we use a new reference. They need to find 3 facts each week in order to move on to the next reference.

Week 1-Books (Big Universe or Library Books)

Week 2- Encyclopedias

Week 3-1 Website ( This forces them to find the best website.)

Week 4-Wrap up

Week 5 &6 -Share our information with the entire class.

I teach the research, then the research goes back to the classroom after we share what we have learned. This year, I was excited to see a project based on their library research.



Topics: Classroom Ideas, Personal Experiences, Common Core, Writing

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