Blast off to Summer with Space Exploration

Posted by Teresa M. on Jun 18, 2015 3:17:51 AM

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With longer nights, kids tend to spend more time out of doors. Encourage them to look up! The beautiful starry sky can be a great topic for summer exploration. Big Universe has the resources that encourage independent summer research projects.

Resources that support Space Exploration

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.02.06 PMColleen Sexton ISBN: 9781600142949

From the publisher, "Space shuttles bring astronauts into and out of space. Children will learn about the history of space shuttles, the advanced technology onboard, and how these vehicles perform their missions."

Planet Resources

From the publisher, "This science book describes the planets and other objects in our solar system through interesting illustrations and expository text. Readers learn domain-specific vocabulary such as "gravity," "terrestrial," "galaxy," and "satellite."

Astronomy Resources


From the publisher, "Ancient astronomers looked at movements in the sun, moon, and stars to guide travelers and keep track of the seasons. Nicholas Copernicus was the first to challenge people's beliefs that Earth was the center of the solar system and is known as the founder of astronomy. Galileo Galilei built a telescope and spotted craters on the moon and sunspots on the sun. Isaac Newton invented the reflecting telescope and discovered the law of gravity. Astronomers continue to work every day to uncover the mysteries of the universe."

Careers in Space

From the publisher, "This Book Explores The Tremendous Contribution That NASA Has Made Over The Last Half Century. Detailed Timelines About Space Exploration And The Development Of The Space Program Are All Discussed In Detail. Also Gives Detailed Information About Astronauts And Their Explorations."

By finding the right resources, your kids will enjoy those long summer nights looking up at the sky and do more than "wish upon a star".

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