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Posted by Teresa M. on Jun 30, 2015 3:23:33 AM

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This time of year many people reflect on their country and how the efforts of others play a role in their own life. This summer, take time to discover your own personal history. You may find heroes like military men and women or examples of perseverance in your very own family! By discovering their stories, your out look on life will be altered. History can become a personal experience by trying these tips. Encourage your students to discover their "his" or "her" story as well!

Primary Resources - Find individuals in your family and record their personal account.

Have your students "interview" family members to discover how their family reacted to historical events.

Possible Questions:

Life Events (childhood memories)

Where were you when _____________________happened?

What was the price of _____________ when you were a child?

Life Events (Adulthood)

Where were you when ________________happened?

Did you serve in the military? (Dates and experiences)


Discover Secondary Resources - Big Universe has resources on countries, military, and historical resources.

You could even use resources to help students write their own book about just like this one!

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From the publisher, "with the help of this book, children can write a book about different countries or concentrate on one country. Children will learn how to draw maps showing the continent on which the country is located, its capital city or cities, important regions, and proximity to oceans, polar regions, or the equator. Creating a book about a country's land, people, and culture will inspire kids to learn about other places and ignite a love for travel."

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From the publisher, "the United States Army Rangers are an elite light infantry special operations force. Readers will learn what life is like as a Ranger, what tools they are trained to use, and what kind of missions they perform."



From the publisher, "Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, is one of the most important days in the history of the United States of America. Millions of Americans celebrate this national holiday each year. Parades, barbecues, and fireworks have all become staples of the celebration. Learn the importance of this national holiday to the people of the United States, then and now."


How has learning about your past changed how you view history?

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