Learning About The United States: Geography In Action

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Brain-based instruction helps students to retain the information they learned in school. Making connections is a powerful tool that educators and parents can utilize to facilitate student's academic achievement. Connecting maps and geography skills to student's instructional lessons helps kids and teens to acquire new knowledge. Studies have found that connected learning experiences help people to better retain the information learned. Educators, schools, families and libraries can incorporate the following activities into their instructional lessons to enhance student's geography knowledge.

Connect The United States Map To Current Events Around The Nation

Students can label each of the United States and state capitals on a map. During the school year or the summer months, students can look for current events that occurred in each state. Kids can attach the current events to a poster or journal. They may also write a summary of the new article or story.

Schools and/or libraries can decorate a large bulletin board with a United States map. Students can post current events from each state on the map. In addition, they can write summaries of the newspaper articles or news stories. Kids and teens can post their written work next to the map, with the states name clearly identified at the top.

This is a sample of a current event that a student found about the state of Alabama.


Connect Road Trips and Vacations To Geography Lessons

Families can make vacations powerful learning experiences. Parents can give kids maps to help follow along on the trip. Children and teens can read informative geography books about the location that they are visiting. Students can create their own maps and label each location that they visited. Young writers can keep travel journals. For more information read about travelouges.

Online Books and Instructional Guides

nonfiction books

Educators and parents can utilize these helpful teacher’s guides to help with planning instructional lessons. These content-rich planning guides include engaging ideas to assist with instruction in close reading. Online books offer a great opportunity to enrich student’s vocabulary and content knowledge. Big Universe offers thousands of titles in many different languages on a multitude of topics. Find these informational and engaging texts at Big Universe.

Holidays, celebrations, and symbols are highlighted in this up-to-date fact-filled introduction to the United States. Spotlight on the United States of America looks at the colonial history of the U.S., its government, and some of its important leaders. Many colorful pictures, maps, and illustrations the different regions, climates, cities, and wildlife of this fascinating country.
This title talks about the five regions of the United States and is filled with colorful maps to indicate where these regions are. It also includes fun information about the climate in each region, what the people there do for fun, what they eat and what makes living there so enjoyable.

For more information on writing and current events click here.

Resources For Educators and Parents

The reproducible lessons in this series focus on practical vocabulary terms, skills, and concepts in relevant situational settings. Struggling students learn over 3,000 high-utility words in 28 self-contained thematic lessons. Additionally, each lesson activates prior knowledge and continually reinforces fundamental language arts skills and concepts. These reproducible books include teacher notes and tips, answer keys, reference guides, lessons, unit reviews, and more.
Games & Activities, Geography, History, Reference & Study Aids
This resource guide contains activities for explicit vocabulary instruction.

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