Campfire Stories and Engaging Activities

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Growing up, I camped a lot! Campfire time was always the highlight of the day. Nothing beats sitting under the stars and feeling the glow of the fire! We toasted marshmallows or made s'mores and enjoyed telling stories, singing and playing games. These engaging activities are suitable for kids of all ages.

Campfire Stories

We told all kinds of stories, but thrillers were my favorites. Being able to tell a stories is a skill that takes time to develop. The best way to begin is by reading stories and summarizing it. When you get really good at retelling the story, you can begin to add dialogue and voices. Try summarizing these stories from Big Universe.

From the publisher, "Everybody loves a scary story and nobody more than kids, but these tales collected from kids themselves - are particular favorites. These traditional scary stories are the ones that kids ask for the most. Children love to hear how Wylie outwitted the terrible Hairy Man, how Skunnee Wundee and an unexpected friend got the best of the fierce Stone Giant. Shivery stories of vengeful ghosts, spooky stories of witches and spirits, and giggly stories that turn fear into fun are part of this collection. Symbols precede each story to indicate the most appropriate age group. The stories in this multicultural collection come from the Ozark Mountains, the desert Southwest, even Japan and Hawaii, as well Native American tribal stories, Yiddish tales, and even Laotian legends." I like the length of these tales and the will be perfect for your next campfire. There are lots to choose from!


Campfire Songs

I still enjoy a good campfire round. We created campfire songbook. Many are found in this book found on Big Universe.

From the publisher, "You may turn on the CD player or the radio when you want to hear music but once, in the days before modern technology, music was enjoyed whenever groups of people got together. You probably know some folk songs, a song that was passed along from person to person. Learn about: types of folk songs folk instruments folk musics European and African roots Cajun music the music of Appalachia Hispanic music todays folk music. Modern musicRock, Country, R&B, and moreis rooted deep in North Americas musical folklore. And folk music is still alive and well today."


Campfire Activities

Another idea is to play a game that I call, "story-go round". Basically, one person starts the story. Then each person sitting around the campfire helps to create a story by adding one or two sentences to keep the story going around. This is a great way to foster creativity and a love for sharing their ideas.

Here are some of my favorite campfire story starters.

1. Once upon a time, there was a girl named ____________ and she found a_________________________.

2. In a far a way land called _______________. It was a special place because this land had ____________________.

3. __________ (name) found a ________________. It was no ordinary ________________ because _____________.

There are many ways you could adapt this activity.

1. One-word per person

2. Set limits on the characters/setting

3. Each person has to use a color word

4. Your own idea


Have fun this summer, remember to be safe near fire and enjoy listening and being creative!


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