Beat the Summer Time Blues

Posted by Teresa M. on Jul 22, 2015 5:56:47 PM

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"Mom, I'm bored!" These three words are my most dreaded words to hear. Trying to keep you children engaged during the summer months can be a challenging task. Try these activities that won't break the bank. Remember to use background resources found on Big Universe.


Teach your children the basics of cooking. This is a fun and inexpensive activity, in addition, you are also teaching them a valuable life long skill!

Kids can get creative in the kitchen with inspiration from the tasty recipes in Super 'Wiches. Young chefs can choose from classic favorites with a twist such as grilled cheese and PB&J, or innovative fare like Thanksgiving Treats and Tuna Avocado Roll-Ups. Each recipe includes suggestions for customizing the sandwiches to match the tastes of the cook or to make artistic creations. After all, cooking is an artand art is all about experimenting! Each recipe includes a nutrition tip and a fact box as well as a list of tools and ingredients and easy, step-by-step instructions. Kids will learn about nutrition and healthy eating, sequencing and following directions, math and measuring skills, and kitchen safety. Bon apptit!
From the publisher, "If you're feeling thirsty, this book is for you! Learn to make delicious fruit drinks and smoothies that not only taste good, but can be good for you, too! Each recipe includes a healthy tip as well as an ingredients and tools list and easy, step-by-step instructions for making fun and nutritious beverages. Kids will love dazzling their family and friends with delicious and tasty drinks such as the bubbly Red Lava Volcano, the green Kiwi Concoction, and the shake-like Banana Bonanza. Soon, they will be begging you for the recipes!"


Start a Collection

Engage your children in a new hobby like rock collecting. Use Big Universe books to teach them the basics of starting a collection.

From the publisher, "Rock collecting is a hobby that is easy to start. This engaging book describes how to dig, where you can and can't dig (restricted in national parks), the necessary equipment, how to identify rocks and gems, and the proper recording and storage of your collection."


Get Active

Visit a local park and play! Getting exercise is a great way to make some memories, as well as keeping kids fit.

From the publisher, "The mayor wants a community park and safe playground for the children. She enlists a group of kids to join her in asking one of the citizens to donate some of his land. When he agrees, he joins all the families and friends who set out to build swings, benches, gardens, and a fountain. There is excitement and a sense of purpose to build the park for all to enjoy. The whole town comes together to create a beautiful park and celebrate with a grand picnic and beautiful fireworks when the job is done. The narrative text builds line by line and page by page, using repetition and imagery to create a charming story for young readers. Vocabulary recognition and matching pictures to the text help readers gain confidence in both comprehension skills and predicting a sequence of events. The artwork in this book is superb. Definitely worth noting is the bird in the birdbath doing the backstroke! Also, there are birds in every spread that add to the experience. The first page has one and then every spread thereafter adds a bird! Try to find them all on each spread! Also, try and find the worm in every image. Lastly, the end sheets can be used for visual searches. Find the items in the book! A great, fun book!"


What are some other engaging activities you have tried?

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