Cooking In The Kitchen: Teaching Students Multiple Math Skills

Posted by Kristy Beaudry McCain on Aug 8, 2015 3:48:35 AM

Families Can Teach Valuable Math Skills While Cooking

shopping4Hands-on learning excites the learner and increases comprehension and understanding. Parents can help their children to develop proficient math skills by engaging them in the joy of cooking. Cooking requires the use of decimals, percents, ratios, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement and more. Kids and teens can practice math skills galore! Teachers can assign students an optional cooking project if their school allows. Students learn to cook and master mathematical skills at the same time.

Grocery Shopping Becomes a Valuable Learning Experience

Smiling shoppers can calculate costs while shopping. The table below shows the cost for the amount purchased and the cost for amount used. A sixth grader completed the math calculations and created this chart. This activity allows families to analyze spending. This project also lends itself to educating students about budgeting.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.19.53 PM

Kids Can Measure and Convert

The can below was create by an eleven-year-student. Children can learn to double, triple and half recipes. Creating a chart helps them to visualize the concept and integrates technology skills. Students practice multiplication, division, ratios and fractions.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.20.01 PM

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Online Books and Instructional Guides

nonfiction books

Online books offer a great opportunity to enrich student’s vocabulary and content knowledge. Educators and parents can utilize online teacher’s resource guides to help with planning instructional lessons. These content-rich planning guides include engaging ideas to assist with instruction in math, literacy and more. Big Universe offers a multitude of titles in many different languages on thousands of topics. Find these informational and engaging texts at Big Universe.

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