Roadtrips: Hands on Learning

Posted by Teresa M. on Aug 11, 2015 10:03:16 AM

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Are you hitting the road this summer? You can turn this trip into a life long lesson in map reading skills. Many cars are manufactured with gps or a navigation system. This can be turned off and your child can be the navigator.

First, purchase an map at local gas stations. Next, as a family, plan your trip. Discuss how far you plan to travel in a day. Make sure to incorporate skills such as distance and landmarks. You can then check your answer online or with your cars navigation system. Lastly, have fun!

Unsure of which skills to teach? Use Big Universe to provide background information before planning your next roadtrip.

Teaching Suggestions:

Keys and Symbols

From the publisher, "Young readers learn about keys and symbols on maps through simple text and photos."
Directions and Never Eat Soggy Waffles!
From the publisher, "Young readers learn about north, south, east and west through simple text and photos.
From the publisher, "Part travelogue, part I SPY, part WheresCharlie! Find a pirate museum. Look for Key West. Then find Miami where the beach is the best! Is he on a Bourbon Street balcony? Riding the Ferris wheel on Atlantic Citys Steel Pier? Hiding out in a Nevada ghost town? This three-book series invites kids to take trips with Charlie the traveling pup, who goes to hundreds of places in the American South, West, and Northeast. For each featured state there are rhyming clues to help find Charlie, and all sorts of interesting,historical, and offbeat attractions and locations. Picture-style maps and sidebars offer cool state-related trivia. From deep in the Grand Canyon, to Elviss mansion, to the field where the Wright brothers took to the skies, this incredibly charming trio of travelogues can be used for: book reports trips beyond-the-backyard exploration and firing up kids to discover all the real,not just the virtual, world has to offer. Where can these books take kids? Just ask Charliehell know!"
Understand how GPS technology works.
From the publisher, "Always know where you are by using a GPS locator. Includes characteristics, uses, how it works, and future applications."
Remember to buckle up and enjoy your trip!


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