Wondering What to Post In The Classroom: Helpful Visuals In The Classroom

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question-MarkWondering What To Post In The Classroom?

Research shows that the vast majority of learners respond to visuals in the classroom. Hence, a large number of children and adults are visual learners. Educators and parents can capitalize on this learning intelligence by placing posters in the classroom and student’s rooms.

Helpful Posters That Can Be Posted In The Classroom

Stems For Citing Evidence From The Text

Educators can post these sentence stems in their classrooms to help students cite textual evidence. Students can be given a handout with the sentence stems that they can use at school and at home.


In paragraph _________the narrator states________

Readers can tell that __________________________

This proves__________________

This demonstrates________________

I feel _________because

I think_________because__________

A causal factor was ________ and it is found on page___

An effect was_________

In the text I found____________

An example is_____________

According to the text___________

The picture shows___________

I know_________because____________

The text says__________

For instance__________

One example from the text is___________

Based on the information_________

The graph indicates___________

According to page ______ of the text_______

This incident provides further proof________

One example from the text is_________

The author wrote__________

In the text it states__________

After reading I know____________

On page_____ it states______________

Based on what I read________________

The graphic showed_____________

For more information about textual evidence read Citing Evidence From The Text: Sentence Stems.

Other Helpful Items That Can Be Made Visible To Students

Vocabulary Strategies

  • Comprehension Strategies
  • Steps To A Close Read
  • Coding For Close Reading
  • The Steps of The Writing Process
  • Proofreader’s Marks
  • Ideas For Writing
  • Types of Writing
  • Literary Genres
  • Pictures of Graphic Organizers For Writing
  • Word Lists
  • Time and order words
  • Other word lists
  • Types of Sources: Primary and Secondary
  • Questions for analyzing source type (Examples of primary and secondary sources are a good reference for students)

For more information on the topics listed above visit the Big Universe Blog.


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