Helpful Homework Tips

Posted by Kristy Beaudry McCain on Aug 24, 2015 1:41:39 PM


Simple steps can make homework a successful daily event. Utilize these simple strategies to help students soar.

Have a Variety of Books and Materials Readily Available

A multitude of materials can be used. Students can use:

online books
reading books in a variety of genres
Big Universe Learning (online books, teacher’s guides, and an online writing program)
art supplies
a dictionary
a thesaurus
academic magazines
online learning programs
The Common Core State Standards
test preparation materials
hands-on learning materials

Incorporate Technology

Today is the era of technology. Children and teens become technology whizzes at a young age. Kids are eager to use technology. Computers and electronic devices excites the young learner. Computer assisted writing programs help children to create and publish writing projects. With the world wide web, students can even share their writing pieces with others in another part of the world! Big Universe Learning offers an easy-to-use program that helps students to create writing pieces. Students publish their writing and put it on a bookshelf for others to see. People can even write comments about the work that the authors have written. Children enjoy when others respond to their writing. It reinforces the importance of the written work. Students love to see their published books! It inspires them to write even more.

Introduce Online Books and Read Them With a Writer’s Eye

Online books are simple to access. Young children can quickly turn into bookworms when introduced to living books that include vibrant pictures and photos. These engaging texts can be used to develop student’s knowledge of a topic, and to build reading fluency. Teens and adults can enjoy ebooks while comprehending new information in a captivating format. Examining and closely reading books can help children to become better writers.

Use The Read Aloud Format

Using online books with the read aloud function is helpful in accommodating the needs of diverse learners. People can listen to books with the help of a computer or an electronic device. This is a powerful learning tool for pupils with special learning needs and those students learning to read. Audio selections can also assist with the acquisition of a second language. Many books are offered in multiple languages, which can be used to help readers develop their bilingual language skills. One helpful tip in building bilingual individuals is to read the text in the primary language and then to reread it in another language. For example, an English speaking teenager can read the book in English and then reread it in Spanish. Other languages are available, too.


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