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Posted by Kristy Beaudry McCain on Aug 27, 2015 7:07:57 PM

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Close reading is identified in the Common Core State Standards for all elementary, middle, and high school students. Teachers can post this Close Reading chart in their classrooms. Students can also be given a handout for reference.

Students should be taught to closely read short pieces of text to gain information. Students can read the text and code it. They can code the text on the first, second or third read.

Close Reading Information

Prior to reading the text:

  • Browse the content

Scan the text

Note important information such as headings, bold text, captions, italics, pictures, icons

Number the paragraphs and circle the paragraph numbers

During Reading:

Box words that you don’t know

Put an E next to evidence

Put a heart next to your favorite part heart1

! Put an exclamation point next to interesting or surprising facts

Ο Circle key terms, names of people, places and dates

Underline the main idea in each paragraph

Put a ? (question mark) by anything that you have a question about or that is confusing

Put an * (asterisk) next to possible test questions or important information

For more information on close reading visit Close Reading For Homework.


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