Pre-Reading Engagement Strategies

Posted by Teresa M. on Aug 30, 2015 6:22:23 AM

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"I hate reading!" and "I don't want to read!" Obviously these comments are not from an engaged reader. Regardless of a student's' reading level or ability, reading can be an engaging past time. The key is to prepare your readers. There are many strategies you can use.

Book/ Picture Walk- Through this activity, students become involved in the story by using picture clues. Students are encouraged to make predictions. You can encourage engagement by asking open ended questions. For example, "What do you think is happening in this picture?".

KWL Chart-This strategy is very effective when used with non-fiction text. What do they K (know) about the topic? What they W (want) to learn, and What they L (learned). By using this chart, students will discover information through their reading.

Book Talks- Getting kids "hooked" on reading is just a matter of time. You need to find the "right" book. Not all students enjoy fiction. Use a variety of books and summarize the books to encourage reading.

Student Recommendations- Utilize this feature on Big Universe and find out what other students are reading and enjoying! The "featured books" are also an excellent place to start as well as using the "similar" feature.

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Featured Examples:

From the publisher, "A cricket, a rat, and a bat live happily in a dark cave. Each one has a unique way of navigating without light, but one day, an explorer enters the cave and brings light. Written in rhyme, this is a good beginner reader."
From the publisher, "Malcolm and his best friend Dandy aren't like other 10-year-old boys. Malcolm would rather avoid his older sister, experiment in his lab, and read his science magazines than play sports. In one magazine, he comes across an advertisement for an Ecto-Handheld-Automatic-Heat-Sensitive-Laser-Enhanced Specter Detector. Its arrival is the beginning of the boys' new career as Ghost Detectors when they discover a practical-joking poltergeist! Calico Chapter Books is an imprint of Magic Wagon, a division of ABDO Group. Grades 2-5."


What other strategies have you used to engage your readers?

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