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iStock_000000279695Small.jpgDid you read that right?  Celebrate? Yes, this is a two part series on getting ready for end of year testing. Last week, we focused on preparation and tips. This week we will focus on some of my favorite after testing activities.

Before we begin, what is the rationale behind celebrating the completion of the end of year tests?

1. Build relationships between students and staff.

2. Show appreciation.

3. Encourage positive attitudes towards testing.

First, when all said and done, relationships are what students remember most about school. Second, your students survived the hours of testing. This is a huge accomplishment! Lastly, all of us need to be reminded that our attitudes are contagious. We may not all agree on the philosophy of year end tests. However, this is the students’ “evidence” of their learning. You should be proud of the efforts made by you and your students. 

Fun ways to celebrate within your classroom

  • Play games (Minute to win it, Jeopardy, and Bingo)
  • Write thank you letter/acceptance speech for the red carpet event (listed below)
  • Read stories–My favorites are…
    From the publisher, “The children in the first grade must take a test and they are worried. When the results come back, some children feel bad. Their gentle, understanding teacher assures the children that a test doesn’t tell any of the important things about them–if they are creative, kind, or are a good friend.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.51.56 PM.png

From the publisher, “Here are the funniest poems about school ever collected in one book. Sillier than a teacher with hiccups, funnier than toilet paper stuck to the bottom of the principal’s shoe, it is certain to have readers laughing by the first page. This book puts the cool back in school.”

Fun ways to celebrate school wide

  • Roll out the “red carpet”. Literally, we put red butcher paper on floor and when students came up to get their award, they walked down the “red carpet”.
  • Let students dress up as super heroes or plan a day that encourages learning centered around a theme.  (Spend some time on pinterest to get your creative juices going.)

As you begin preparing for the end of year tests, don’t neglect planning a celebration. Celebrate student learning and achievement after the testing week! 

We love to hear from our readers. How do you celebrate learning in your classroom or school? What meaningful activities have you planned?


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