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It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month, and many educators are searching for ways to highlight the many contributions Hispanics and Latinos made and continue to make in their schools.  Whether it’s learning about notable Hispanics, exploring their history in America, or learning about countries in the Caribbean, Central America, or South America, all and many more activities contribute to deepening the knowledge and appreciation of Hispanic culture and history within our schools.  All of the following titles are currently available on Big Universe, and represent a variety of content and genres:


Fiesta-2.jpgFiesta! by Paula Barragan presents a collection of celebrations organized by the months in which they occur.  Celebrations highlighted include March’s Corn Planting Ceremony, May’s Cinco de Mayo and December’s Día De Los Santos Inocentes.  In addition to having a kid-friendly poem and descriptions of how people celebrate each holiday, a section with more details regarding the holidays and where they originate are included towards the end.


Sotomayor.jpgSonia Sotomayor: US Supreme Court Justice, a book in the Crabtree Groundbreaker Biography series written by Alex Van Tol, highlights the life of the first Hispanic American Supreme Court Judge and only the third woman to be sworn into the nation’s highest court.  Learn about her upbringing in the Bronx area of New York City, the impact Nancy Drew along with her father’s death had on her life, and how she accomplished the goals of graduating from an Ivy League College and being a successful attorney and judge.


Alicia.jpgAlicia’s Happy Day by Meg Starr is a story highlighting how Alicia celebrates her birthday.  She moves throughout her community, pointing out cultural aspects that are important to her throughout the entire day. Kids will enjoy learning how Alicia celebrates her birthday, sharing an experience to which many of them can relate.



Emerald.jpgThe Emerald Lizard: Fifteen Latin American Tales to Tell by Pleasant De Spain [translations done by Mario Lamo-Jiménez] is a collection of fictional stories from different countries throughout South and Central America.  Written in Spanish and in English, readers can learn about Juan Bobo, the Emerald Lizard, the Flood, and many more.  These tales showcase the diversity and richness existing in Hispanic and Latino culture, and certainly students will enjoy reading the different stories.

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