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The 4th of July weekend is upon us and summer is in full swing. If you are like my family, you are excited to spend the holiday with family and friends celebrating our country’s birthday. While Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, decorating and make fun red, white and blue crafts; what do we really learn about our country’s start through these events? There are so many more educational AND fun ways to honor our country and instill pride its youngest citizens. Take time to sharpen your child’s literacy skills with these fun 4th of July themed activities.


  • Patriotic Books – If you’re looking for some patriotic reads to share with your kiddos, here you go!  Apple for the Teacher
  • You Tube Read Alouds-It’s last minute and you don’t have access to any of those great books, no worries! As your child is waiting to watch those fireworks, they can log into YouTube and watch them be read aloud to them. YouTube Patriotic read alouds I always suggest that an adult supervise anything that is put on YouTube, just in case it’s not what you were expecting.
  • 4th of July Word Search – Make your very own word search with Discovery Education’s free puzzle generator. Simply type in the patriotic terms you wish to use and your customized puzzle will be ready in a matter of seconds!
  • History Brought to Life – All kids will enjoy these historical videos, articles and pictures about the 4th of July at Share in this learning opportunity with your child. Regardless of the age, they may need some clarification from you on what took place and you just may learn something yourself!
  • Write a Thank You Note – The 4th of July is the perfect time to write a thank you note to a soldier serving in the military. Yes, they will receive it after the 4th of July holiday but that makes no difference. They need our recognition and thanks year round. Visit  Operation Gratitude
  • Patriotic Writing Prompts – Want to give your little one an opportunity to practice his writing skills? Give him a patriotic writing prompt to get his creative juices flowing! Writing prompts such as, How can we be thankful for our freedom each day?  Why did the colonists want freedom so badly? and If I could celebrate the Fourth of July from anywhere in America, I would go to…  You can find more at Journal Buddies.
  • 4th of July Poem – If your kid enjoys poetry, encourage her to compose her very own patriotic rhyme.
  • ABC Stick FlagsGrowing Book by Book has 3 great ABC stick flag activities that fit well with a 4th of July theme. Let your young preschooler or kindergartner have some fun with this one!

I hope that you will have time to explore some of these options to make your 4th an even brighter one! Happy 4th of July!  


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