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It Education With Children In School

Ever have a great technology lesson that flopped?  Even with our best efforts, we see it as failure simply because of the classroom management.  I wrote a post on being a GEEK: Great Educators Engage Kids!  You can’t engage kids effectively, unless you incorporate key classroom management techniques! Recently, I have read several books that specifically talk about digital classroom management and gained some tidbits to add to my teaching toolkit for those digital teachable moments. I would like to pass them on to you, my readers!

First, have a plan and preteach.  Often we plan the activity, but we don’t think about making sure they have the digital background or experience.  By preteaching you allow the students to gain knowledge and know your expectations.  Plan lessons that build upon each other.  This will allow you to see the progress your students have made.

Next, give student cues or keywords.  This goes a long with the concept of preteaching. Give your students key words or your management clues and practice.  Things like, “give my 45”!  Means put your screen at a 45 angle so we can talk.  If you are using ipads, say “apples up”.  The students need to turn their ipads over!  My favorite is to ask your students to stand and answer silly questions.  By giving them these directions, students won’t miss out on important directions.

Lastly, self reflection.  This is part of any good teaching.  You need to reflect on what went well and how you could improve.  I have scrapped a lesson, because it went terribly.  Thinking back it has usually been because I didn’t have enough time or failed to do the above classroom management tips,

By incorporating these simple tips you are on your way to being a Geek!  We love to hear from our readers, what digital classroom management ideas that work in your classroom?

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