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What is Donors Choose is a non-profit charitable organization that connects public school teachers who need resources for their classrooms. If you are a teacher who spends your own money on classroom supplies, and materials, then this could be an ongoing  valuable resource that you can use over, and over again throughout the school year. Specifically, is a non-profit charitable organization that connects teachers who need resources with donors who choose projects they want to support.


Accordingly, teachers may consider submitting a proposal for a subscription to Big Universe to support literacy in their classroom, and the entire school. Who can submit a written proposal to DonorsChoose? Specifically, full-time classroom teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, and school nurses who work for public schools in the United States are eligible to submit an online grant. In addition, by submitting an online proposal for projects required to creatively teach specific content areas, such as reading, teachers are also able to receive funds to pay for a variety of other expenses. Just imagine all of the materials and resources that you could apply for to help teach students, and make learning more fun. Submit a free proposal using the easy online process, it is really that simple!

Moreover, projects are funded by donors who fund projects that you submit to the website by writing a two or three paragraph explaining all of the reasons for your submission using the online portal. Notwithstanding, teachers do not have to get authorization from a school administrator to submit a proposal. Shop for resources online, using the sites on the DonorsChoose website, such as Amazon, and then the materials are sent directly to you when your project is funded. Surprisingly, some teachers have up to eight projects posted at one time!

What can a teacher ask for? Some examples include: subscriptions to Big Universe; materials for science projects; art supplies; field trips (admission costs, fees & bus expenses); visiting artist painting a mural at your school; funding for specialized instructors; classroom books; recess equipment; document camera; printers; toner; organizational materials for your classroom, etc.

Prior to submitting your first proposal, first become a little more familiar with the process by watching a one hour webinar: DonorsChoose: A Jackpot of Classroom Funding Webinar:


Next, follow some of the tips for submitting an effective project proposal by Laura Candler, to include:

  1. Upload a fantastic eye-catching photograph, with a catchy title, for your DonorsChoose identification picture because you want your project noticed by a potential donor.
  2. Keep the resources in your shopping cart down to a total of $300 or less. DonorsChoose will add some additional costs such as shipping and fulfillment to your project, and you want to keep the total amount under $500 if possible. Projects that are not very expensive have a much higher chance of getting fully funded.
  3. Whenever someone donates to your project, you receive a notice from DonorsChoose. Write a thank you in the donation section of your project, and complete the thank you process promptly so you have a 100% completion rating.
  4. Take great pictures of your projects and students using the project resources. Donors can make you a “favorite” teacher, so whenever you post a project, your donor will be notified.
  5. When you are a new teacher to DonorsChoose, you are limited to 3 projects in process, but once you have established yourself, you can have a total of 8 projects in process! The more projects you successfully complete, the more points you accrue. Lots of points mean you can write special project proposals like funding a school bus field trip, or ordering resources from a special vendor.
  6. Donors love to donate to projects that have a lot of donations from many people. It shows donors that there is a huge support system behind this project!
  7. Become an active member of one or more giving page communities, such as  Caring Classrooms, because this giving page increases the chance that your project will be funded.
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